Eli is the web application written in PHP. It's distributed as a package which you need to install on your own webserver (similarly to Drupal or WordPress). You can have as many testing versions as you want (localhost or online). The package can be translated and downloaded at this site (you will get account at the BCCapp training). The updates are going to be available at this site also.

Basic requirements

  • webhosting (I recomend Wedos)
  • domain or subdomain (with your national top-level domain)
  • https - SSL certificate (ask the webhosting for the Let's Encrypt support to get one for free)

Server requirements

  • Good security policy (not homemade hosting)
  • Apache server (not Nginx)
  • PHP 7 (PHP 7.4 is recomended)
  • MySql database
  • Sqlite support (pdo_sqlite PHP extension enabled)
  • PHP mail() function or SMTP server
  • PHP Fileinfo extension enabled
  • PHP ZipArchive extension enabled
  • PHP cURL extension is recomended (allows to check for updates)
  • Apache "mod_rewrite" support
  • Allowed to upload at least 20 MB files "upload_max_filesize" (or up to 100 MB if you want to use video)
  • Allowed to send 2000 input variables "max_input_vars" (if you want to use editor)
  • App takes just a few MB, but audio and video content might require more

Prepare for your app

  • Name (we use: Seek and find or BibleAdventure)
  • Translation of lessons (the Word files are available to national coordinators here)
  • Transparent logo (templates are available to national coordinators here)
  • Promotion (templates are available to national coordinators here)

Personal Requirements

The national coordinator and content manager should be trained at official BCCapp training.

National Coordinator

The national coordinator manages the application, content managers and guides. He has a manager account at the and an administrator account at the local instance of ELI application. He is also the contact person for the developers of application.

Content Manager(s)

The content manager gets a files with lessons, upload them into the local application editor and translate them. He uses an editor account at the local instance of ELI. He can create new lessons in built in application editor. This job requires some computer skills.


Guides review lessons from children and write letters with children in local instance of application.


If you have any questions about application, you can ask Daniel Fér at

If you have questions about training ask Zbyšek Šikula at